Earth Explorer App

Catalog Based Mapping (3D/2D) with Augmented Reality Support

Connect to Map Servers

Support for:

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Mapping Services – WMS, WMTS, WFS, WCS, WPS

ESRI ArcGIS Dynamic Map Services and Image Services

Plus internet hosted file based data – CSV, TSV, GeoJSON, KML/KMZ, CZML, GPX


Ready for any data

Easily view online Geospatial Data ESRI and OGC Mapping Services, File Based Formats, Draw and Edit Vector Data

GPS & IP Geolocation

Show your position, Show Coordinates Google Place Search and GeoCoding


GeoData Explorer is full featured and we have a big roadmap of additional enhancements and new capabilities coming Performance that delivers. Vector Tile basemaps and overlays and transparency/opacity slider for data. Real time savings and enables more access to data

Jam Packed with Useful Features

Easy to use ! Easy to consume/view/discover data and perform visualization, annotation, printing and analysis Perform speedy analysis like buffering, View different basemaps, view attribute table and export results

Also available for Windows Desktop, Ubuntu Linux and Mac OSX

Easily Add Local Data

Easily Add Web Data

Easily Manage Layout of Data

Quickly add data and manage data with a powerful table of contents controls that allow for re-ordering each layer, adjusting transparency/opacity, viewing attributes and styling the data and performing analysis

100’s of Features

Fast and Powerful Mapping Engine 

We designed Earth Explorer app after using countless other mobile apps and being frustrated with their limited Geospatial Data format support, no attribute table viewing and lack of easy use and sometimes vendor lock-in.  So we set out to engineer this product to meet our specifications and realized the benefit it would have to other users.

Map Viewing

Configure different basemaps from our basemap picker or add a new one URL. Display Coordinates (GPS Lat Long, UTM, MGRS, USNG, Maidenhead) and Graticule Lines Our mapping engine is one of the fastest rendering of data you’ll find.

Augmented Reality

Control the camera view as if you were there and look around

Spot Elevation

Display Spot Elevation Values. Uses Bing Elevation Service


Catalog/Project Files

JSON Catalog Files and Catalog Editor

Your Position on Map

Show your position on the map via Geolocation Geolocation feature works with GNSS Receivers (GPS) or WiFi via IP Address. Display routes on the map as well.  Display North Compass Arrow Display Coordinates in multiple formats

Spatial Bookmarks

Save map extent/location so you can easily come back to an area. Create unlimited spatial bookmarks

BaseMap Picker

Select Multiple Basemaps from open source and commercial providers. Google, Bing, ESRI, Stamen, Thunderforest, Open Street Map, HERE, CartoDB, NASA and others.

Measure Length and Area

Measure Tools allow you to measure complex linear/lines and area/polygon measurements.

Search loaded Data

Smart Power URL

Load a Catalog, Clear a Catalog, Share a Map Via the Power URL’s

Google Services Integration

Full Google Maps and Places Search and Routing/Directions

Swipe to compare maps

Use the Layer Swipe tool to easily compare datasets or basemaps

Support for high precision external Bluetooth GPS / GNSS Receivers

Take your survey and mapping and GIS data visualization and data capture to the next level with submeter sub-foot and centimeter (RTK) positions via external Bluetooth, Serial, USB GNSS Receivers (GPS Global Positioning Systems).  You can even work with Real-Time Networks (RTN) Continous Operating Reference Receivers and other services for position corrections.


Works Landscape or Portrait Mode

Responsive design that’s flexible to enable you to work landscape or portrait and any screen size/resolution/pixel density Table of Contents Collapses and Top Menu becomes side menu as needed

Supported Formats:

CZMLESRI ArcGIS Map Services
GPXESRI ArcGIS Feature Services
TEXT -TSV, CSVESRI ArcGIS Image Services
ESRI Shapefile via in App Conversion Raster Tile Server (XYZ/TMS)
ESRI FileGDB via in App Conversion OGC WFS - Web Feature Service
OGC GeoPackage via in App ConversionRaster Tiles XYZ and TMS
SOS Sensors IOT

Perfect for use in an office environment, in a vehicle or in the field you’ve got a fully equipped easy to use GIS that has the capabilities you need.

Feature Tour

Ready to get started?

Download the app from your app store or contact us for custom builds and versions. For Windows, we have Windows MSI and EXE builds in addition to the Windows Store APPX

We would love to hear from you

Please feel free to suggest features, enhancements, ideas or data to include

Features Coming Soon:

Tech Maven Geospatial is actively developing and supporting this app and has a large Roadmap of additional features and capabilities will be developed.  We also encourage you to send us feedback.

Field Data Collection

If you are looking for an application that’s more centered around form based field data collection surveys please check out our sister app Orange Maps Collector/GeoData Collector

Mobile GIS Viewer/Editor/Analysis

If your looking for GIS Editing/Data Creation and Analysis please check out our feature rich 2D Mapping App GeoData Explorer

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