Earth Explorer 3D Map Mobile App

Earth Explorer 3D Map iOS, Android and Windows app is a 3D Globe with Terrain Views

Add Catalogs, Add Local Offline Data, Add URL’s for Map Services

Measure Linear and Map Swipe

Augmented Reality (Control View with your device’s sensors GPS/GNSS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, other)

Load local Vector data

Internet hosted file based data – CSV,GeoJSON, KML/KMZ,

ESRI Shapefile, CZML, GPX, GPKG Vector Features

JSON Catalog files

Support Mapping Services

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Mapping Services – WMS, WMTS, WFS, WCS, WPS, XYZ/TMS Tiles

ESRI Dynamic REST Mapping Services (MapServer, FeatureServer,ImageServer as WMS)

Open Data Portal (Socrata, CKAN, CSW)

Raster Tile Basemap Picker

uses BING Maps, Open Street Map, CartoDB Basemaps, Stamen Basemaps, ESRI Basemaps

MapService with Legend

Connect to ESRI and OGC Map Services

  • View Attributes (feature info requests)
  • View Metadata and Legends

We are selling source code for this app please contact us at 754-333-1650


Ready for any data

Easily view online Geospatial Data ESRI and OGC Mapping Services, File Based Formats, Draw and Edit Vector Data

GPS & IP Geolocation

Show your position, Show Coordinates Google Place Search and GeoCoding

Catalog for Managing Data

Earth Explorer 3D Map App includes a Catalog Management Application that allows you to configure online mapping services for use in the app and also share those with friends and co-workers in a friendly JSON format.

Jam Packed with Useful Features

Easy to use ! Easy to consume/view/discover data and perform visualization.  Easily query data and get a feature info popup and lat long coordinates

Contact us for Custom Versions and Offline Data

We are selling white-labeled solutions

Earth Explorer 3D Map App is the perfect app for your desktop and tablet and mobile phone

Feature Tour

3D Terrain View/Scenes

Load data from catalog

Swipe layers feature

Geonames Mapservices

Augmented Reality


Other Basemaps Geolocation

Download i3S SceneServer 

Load Vector Tiles

Earth Explorer 3D Map App supports 3D Tiles 

these can be hosted online on a Static File Server or loaded onto the app for offline use

make a zip file and rename it 3DTiles and load it into the app (iTunes filesharing )

3D Tiles can visualize 3D Buildings and Features, 3D Point Cloud Data (LiDAR), 3D Terrain surface, 3D Model of physical structures,etc.

You will soon be able to convert your 3D Data into 3D Tiles with our online conversion service

Earth Explorer Videos with Google Photorealistic 3D Buildings

100’s of Features

Fast and Powerful Mapping Engine 

We designed Earth Explorer 3D Map app as a fun experiment initially being able to plan our outdoor adventures and travels. Visualize terrain data and quickly access mapping services to mashup local and internet data.  Augmented Reality feature is fun and innovative.

Map Viewing

Configure different basemaps from our basemap picker or add a new one URL. Display Coordinates (GPS Lat Long, UTM, MGRS, USNG, Maidenhead) and Graticule Lines Our mapping engine is one of the fastest rendering of data you’ll find.

Augmented Reality

Control the camera view as if you were there and look around

Attribute Grid with Search

View GeoPackage Vector Features Attributes and Search

Future versions will offer support for CSV, GeoJSON, KML, GPX and Shapefile Tables


Create and Edit GeoJSON

Create and Edit (digitize) GeoJSON


Show your position on the map via Geolocation Geolocation feature works with GNSS Receivers (GPS) or WiFi via IP Address. Display routes on the map as well.  Display North Compass Arrow Display Coordinates in multiple formats

Switch map

Switch map between 3D Terrain, 2D or 3D Smooth

Raster Tile Basemap Picker

Select Multiple Basemaps from open source and commercial providers. Google, Bing, ESRI, Stamen, Thunderforest, Open Street Map, HERE, CartoDB, NASA and others.

Measure Linear and Area

Measure Tools allow you to measure complex linear/lines and area/polygon measurements.

Vector Tiles

View PBF Vector Tiles is now fully supported in 1.1



Create Spatial Bookmarks/Waypoints of your favorite locations

3D Terrain Visualization

Build Highly Immersive Scenes‎ (3D)

3D Tiles can visualize 3D Buildings and Features

PNTS 3DTILES LiDAR Point Cloud Viewing

OSM 3D Buildings

Search Loaded Data

Search Catalogs and Search Loaded Data

View Metadata

Load a Catalog, Clear a Catalog, Share a Map Via the Power URL’s



View location in Bing Maps Streetside and Oblique and View Bing Maps Satellite and Street Map on the map


Includes BING Search and Bing Basemaps (Street and Satellite)

Displays Coordinates

in latitude longitude,UTM, MGRS and GARS

Go to Coordinates (move the map) in multiple formats

Support for high precision external Bluetooth GPS / GNSS Receivers

Take your survey and mapping and GIS data visualization and data capture to the next level with submeter sub-foot and centimeter (RTK) positions via external Bluetooth, Serial, USB GNSS Receivers (GPS Global Positioning Systems).  You can even work with Real-Time Networks (RTN) Continous Operating Reference Receivers and other services for position corrections.

Works Landscape or Portrait Mode

Responsive design that’s flexible to enable you to work landscape or portrait and any screen size/resolution/pixel density Table of Contents Collapses and Top Menu becomes side menu as needed

Re-order data layers

Ability to re-order data layers by dragging and Table of Contents and Map Legend


Timeslider on Spatialtemporal datasets

Support OGC 3D Tiles/ 3D Scenes

  • Can be loaded from URL or as zip file named .3D TILES.
  • Batched 3D Model(b3dm)
  • Instanced 3D Model (i3dm)


Split/Swipe Map

Swipe/ Split Map – compare data

  • Search form searches data as well

Map Catalog JSON files

The Integrated Catalog Creator/Editor Tool allows you to build a JSON MapCatalog that has pre-loaded Map Services (OGC and ESRI, MapBox and Tiles from XYZ and Vector Tiles and internet hosted files like KML and GeoJSON)

Draw/Digitize Tool

2D Map with Drawing/Digitizing tools let’s you create GeoJSON files and load those to the 3D Augmented Reality Map

Change Screen Orientation


View Spatial Temporal Data

Playback Time Dimensional Spatial Data like CZML and KML

Convert GIS Vector Data

Convert ESRI FileGeoDatabases, OGC GeoPackage SQLite databases, ESRI Shapefiles and other formats into GeoJSON for consumption in Earth Explorer 3D Map App

Supported Formats:

CZMLESRI ArcGIS Map Services
GPXESRI ArcGIS Feature Services
TEXT -TSV, CSVESRI ArcGIS Image Services
ESRI ShapefileRaster Tile Server (XYZ/TMS)
ESRI FileGDB via in App ConversionOGC WFS - Web Feature Service
OGC GeoPackage vector featuresRaster Tiles XYZ and TMS
SOS Sensors IOT

Earth Explorer 3D Map App is the perfect app for your desktop and tablet and mobile phone

Ready to get started?

Download the app from your app store or contact us for custom builds and versions. For Windows, we have Windows MSI and EXE builds in addition to the Windows Store APPX

We would love to hear from you

Please feel free to suggest features, enhancements, ideas or data to include

Mobile GIS Viewer/Editor/Analysis


If your looking for GIS Editing/Data Creation and Analysis please check out our feature-rich 2D Mapping Apps

Check out GeoData Explorer  

and Map Discovery

Earth Explorer 3D Map proudly developed by Tech Maven Geospatial.

We would love to hear your feedback and ideas for future scope

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