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Manual & FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Coordinate Reference System /Projection is supported for Vector Data?

ESRI Shapefile, FileGDB, GeoJSON, KML, KMZ, GPX and GPKG all must be in unprojected Geographic WGS84 (EPSG:4326).  


Vector Tiles must be in Google Spherical Web Mercator Projection /Auxillary Web Sphere (EPSG:38567)
What Vector Data is Supported
  1. GeoJSON
  2. KML/KMZ
  3. GPX
  4. CSV  with Latitude and Longitude Columns
  5. CZML
  6. TopoJSON
  7. Vector Tiles (Lines and Polygons only)
  8. Internet Connected OGC WFS and ESRI FeatureServer

The app includes a Vector Data conversion screen/tool that you can use to convert ESRI Shapefiles, FileGeoDatabase and GeoPackages and other formats into GeoJSON and load that onto the map.

What Coordinate Reference System /Projection is supported for Raster Tiles?

Raster Tiles (Offline and Online) need to be in EPSG:3857 Google Spherical Web Mercator/Auxillary Web Sphere/Pseudo-Mercator.

This is to keep the data consistent with other data sources and online base maps.  Having to re-project tiled data causes a lot of overhead on mobile devices and tablets.

What format can I export my drawing and editing?

Currently, only GeoJSON format is supported.   Click on the draw layer on the table of contents and click the downward facing arrow.

Can I add Labels to my features?

No, however, we are actively planning this feature. You can, however, get popup attributes by clicking on feature.  

Can the app work with a Windows Laptop/Tablet with Internal GNSS/GPS?

Currently, NO we are actively working on adding Location Sensors as Windows calls them.  You must have an external GNSS Receiver. We support any NMEA compatible GNSS Receiver and we let you specify the COMM Port and Baud Rate.

Does the app support offline spot elevation and terrain profile views?

NOT at this time. We are adding this capability in the near future., if you’ve loaded mbtiles for elevation then as you move around the map you will see elevation readings. The MBTILES have Terrarium Specification/Format PNG Tiles with elevation values encoded in the RGB Values of each Pixel If you draw line for elevation, Load a GeoJSON or GPX file for Elevation you will see Graph/Chart of the Terrain Profile View along that Line/Route

Why does the Augmented Button does not Appear

In some cases your device may not support the augmented reality feature or the app does not recognize the sensors in your device.

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