What’s Planned:

  • Data Collection Form (points only) with JSON form designer
  • GRATICULE Lines – Lat Long
  • AR Bug on iPad fix
  • Phone – Data Loading Fix
  • Tech Maven Geospatial Elevate API – submit point GeoJSON and get Elevation, GARS, MGRS, What3Words, PlaceKey, PlusCode
  • Vector Tiles to Raster Tiles 
  • Area Measurements
  • Screen Recorder – save video
  • Marker Symbols
  • Import and Export Placemarks
  • New Native Vector Conversion to support other formats and build optimized data for the map
  • Conversion of many 3D formats into OGC 3DTILES 
  • Offline OSM Vector Tiles MBTILES with Styles including topo/terrain and hybrid satellite, bright, liberty, basic, etc.
  • Offline 3D Terrain and Spot Elevation from MBTILES or GPKG with Quantized Mesh Terrain Tiles
  • Defense/Intelligence – Military Capability
APP6/MilSpec2525 Military Symbology
NGA GeoPackage Library Update and support for DGISWG/NSG Spec Support (Raster tiles 3395 and 4326)
✓  GRG- Grid Reference Graphic generator and show on the map
Range Rings/Distance Rings
Graticule Lines – MGRS and GARS
Team Collaboration Module with server-side integration into TAK Server
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