OGC WPS or OGC API Processes support

You can build a CATALOG JSON item for your Zoo-Project or GeoServer WPS or other WPS Implementation

"type": "wps"


executeWithHttpGetbooleanIf true, sends a GET request to the Execute endpoint instead of the default POST request.
storeSupportedbooleanIndicates if the output can be stored by the WPS server and be accessed via a URL.
statusSupportedbooleanIndicates if Execute operation can return just the status information and perform the actual operation asynchronously.
identifierstringThe identifier for the process
forceConvertResultsToV8booleanIf true, then all results will be converted from v7 to v8. If false, then the result.version string will be checked to see if conversion is necessary.
parametersanyFunction parameters (only contains key-value pairs).
namestringThe name of the catalog item.
descriptionstringThe description of the catalog item. Markdown and HTML may be used.
nameInCatalogstringThe name of the item to be displayed in the catalog, if it is different from the one to display in the workbench.
infoInfoSectionTraits[]Human-readable information about this dataset.
infoSectionOrderstring[]An array of section titles defining the display order of info sections. If this property is not defined, {@link DataPreviewSections}’s DEFAULT_SECTION_ORDER is used
isOpenInWorkbenchbooleantrueWhether the item in the workbench open or collapsed.
shortReportstringA short report to show on the now viewing tab.
shortReportSectionsShortReportTraits[]A list of collapsible sections of the short report
isExperiencingIssuesbooleanWhether the catalog item is experiencing issues which may cause its data to be unavailable
hideSourcebooleanIndicates that the source of this data should be hidden from the UI (obviously this isn’t super-secure as you can just look at the network requests).
metadataUrlsMetadataUrlTraits[]Metadata URLs to show in data catalog.
dataUrlsDataUrlTraits[]Data URLs to show in data catalog.
dataCustodianstringGets or sets a description of the custodian of this data item.
modelDimensionsEnumDimensionTraits[]This provides ability to set model JSON through SelectableDimensions (a dropdown). When an option is selected, the value property will be used to call updateModelFromJson(). All string properties support Mustache templates (with the catalog member as context)
disableAboutDatabooleanDisables the ‘About Data’ button in the workbench.
legendsLegendTraits[]The legends to display on the workbench.
legendBackgroundColorstringApply background color to all legends. This can be useful if legends are transparent and clash with Terria colours
hideLegendInWorkbenchbooleanWhether the legend is hidden in the workbench for this catalog member.
urlstringThe base URL of the file or service.
forceProxybooleanForce the default proxy to be used for all network requests.
cacheDurationstring0dThe cache duration to use for proxied URLs for this catalog member. If undefined, proxied URLs are effectively cachable forever. The duration is expressed as a Varnish-like duration string, such as ‘1d’ (one day) or ‘10000s’ (ten thousand seconds).


namestringThe name of the section.
contentstringThe content of the section, in Markdown and HTML format. Set this property to null to remove this section entirely.
contentAsObjectanyThe content of the section which is a JSON object. Set this property to null to remove this section entirely.
showbooleantrueIndicates if this info section showing (not collapsed).


namestringThe name of the section.
contentstringThe content of the section.
showbooleantrueIndicates if this short report section showing.


urlstringThe metadata URL of the file or service.
titlestringTitle used for metadata URL button.


typestringType of data URL. This value will be used to provide context or instruction on how to use the data URL. For example wcs will provide a link to WCS docs. Current supported values are: – wfs = A Web Feature Service (WFS) base URL – wcs = A Web Coverage Service (WCS) base URL – wfs-complete = A complete, ready-to-use link to download features from a WCS server – wcs-complete = A complete, ready-to-use link to download features from a WFS server – direct = Direct URL to dataset (this is the default if no type is specified) – none = Hide data URL
urlstringThe metadata URL of the file or service.
titlestringTitle used for metadata URL button.


idstringDimension ID
namestringDimension name (human-readable)
optionsDimensionOptionTraits[]Dimension options
selectedIdstringSelected Option’s ID
allowUndefinedbooleanAllow dimension to be undefined
disablebooleanHides dimension


idstringOption ID
namestringOption name (human-readable)
valueanyValue (if this is undefined, id will be used)


titlestringA title to be displayed above the legend.
urlstringThe URL of the legend image. If the URL suffix isn’t one of the following png|jpg|jpeg|gif|svg, then urlMimeType must be defined – otherwise a hyperlink will be shown.
imageScalingnumber1Scaling of the legend. For example, a high DPI legend may have scaling = 0.5, so it will be scaled down 50%
urlMimeTypestringThe MIME type of the URL legend image. For example "image/png"
backgroundColorstringApply background color to entire legend. This can be useful if legend is transparent and clashes with Terria colours. This will override legendBackgroundColor.


titlestringThe title to display next to this legend item.
multipleTitlesstringMultiple titles to display next to this legend item.
maxMultipleTitlesShowedstring10Maximum number of multiple titles to display next to this legend item. (Default is 10)
titleAbovestringThe title to display above this legend item, i.e. marking the top of a box on the legend.
titleBelowstringThe title to display below this legend item, i.e. marking the bottom of a box on the legend.
colorstringThe CSS color to display for this item. This property is ignored if Legend URL is specified.
outlineColorstringThe CSS color with which to outline this item.
outlineWidthnumberThe width of outline in pixels
multipleColorsstring[]Multiple colors to show with this item in a grid arrangement.
imageUrlstringThe URL of an image to display with this item.
markerstringMaki marker ID to display with this item (eg “circle”).
rotationnumberThe degrees to rotate legend item.
addSpacingAbovebooleanTrue to add a bit of extra spacing above this item in order to separate it visually from the rest of the legend.
imageHeightnumber20The height of the legend image.
imageWidthnumber20The width of the legend image.
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