1.1 - February 2023
  • Map Upgrade
  • Updated menus
  • Usability and performance improvements and bug fixes
  • ESRI Shapefile support  (zipped and 4326 )
  • MBTILES Vector Tiles full support and GL JSON Stylesheets
  • OGC GPKG GeoPackage Vector Features – display on the map as dynamic raster tiles and view attribute table with search
  • GeoNames Web Services (elevation, timezone, time, sunrise/sunset, Country Code and Country, etc)
  • OpenWeatherMap Forecast and Conditions
  • BING Maps Oblique and Streetside Imagery
  • Placemarks (spatial bookmarks/waypoints)
  • Go to Location (Lat Long, MGRS, GARS, What3Words, PlusCode/OpenLocationCode, PlaceKey)
  • GPS Recorder – record GPS Tracklog and waypoints
  • Traccar Client- start recording and send your geolocation to a Traccar Server (user hosts this not TMG) set geofences and alerts from web dashboard
  • Display Current Location with Lat Long and MGRS, GARS
  • Distance and Bearing Calculation 
  • Basemap picker native control
  • Map Tiling Downloading  creates GPKG
  • Digitizing/Drawing and downloading as GeoJSON
  • Catalog API and searching and data loading
  • CesiumION subscription and access to 3D Buildings and Terrain
  • Conversion of ESRI i3S SceneServer to 3TZ archive (OGC 3DTILES)
  • Open Asset Import Library (Assimp) Data Support for 3D Models
  • API Table Catalog Item support
  • Support for 3TZ archive format for 3DTILES for offline 3DTILES loading
  • Support for Mbtiles with quantized mesh terrain tiles (offline)

 Known Issues:

  • Phone form factor and portrait orientation – can’t load local map data only catalog
  • iPAD AR button (augmented reality) does not show (for android tablet this is not a problem)
  • Extensive vector data can crash map- keep local offline data under 2MB (GeoJSON, KML, Shapefile, CSV, CZML, GPX, etc)


We are also accepting feedback via feedback@techmaven.net

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We also build custom versions https://earthexplorer.techmaven.net/custom-solutions/

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