1.1 Coming Soon Approx August 2022

1.1 – to be Released August 2022

This update fixes several bugs

New Features:

  • Phone usability improvements – now can access add data while in portrait mode on a phone
  • Updated Catalog Generator Tool with new capabilities and supported catalog items
  • new 3D Model Converter in-appĀ  (creates GLB – GL Transmission Binary Format) and placement of 3D Models
  • Updated Vector Converter and Coordinate Converter tools
  • New Main Menu
  • New CesiumION Layers OSM 3D Buildings and worldwide Terrain Tiles
  • New Tech Maven Geospatial Catalog – a curated list of data pre-configured easily add to the map
  • New Geolocation Widget shows your GNSS fine-grained location and or IP GeoLocation
  • New Go-To Coordinate feature that supports MGRS, GARS, PlusCodes
1.0 Initial Release November 2019

Initial Full-featured Release

We are also accepting feedback via feedback@techmaven.net

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